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HP PLotter Repair We Come To You In Fresno , CA ! Call Today (559) 316-0947

In Fresno, CA locally to you State wide or Nation wide we can support all of your HP Laser Jet Or Design Jet plotter service needs or Lexmark repairs, also repair your printer paper jamming , ghosting images, or poor print outs or images, plotter hesitation problems, perform plotter design jet maintenance and reset your machine, and remove all HP Design Jet Or Laser Jet Or Lexmark Optra error messages.

Get Your Fresno, CA Support Today! Call Now! (559) 316-0947

Hewlett Packard we service fast and provide the perform printer maintenance service for long lasting printer repairs.
HP Laser Printer and Large Format Plotter Equipment We Currently Service
HP Color Laser Jet MFP Repair and HP LaserJet MultiFunction Printer Repairs in Fresno, CA

HP LASERJET2100, 2100m, 2100tn, 2100x, 2100XI repair
HP LASER JET2200, 2200d, 2200dn, 2200dt, 2200dtn repair

HP LASERJET 2300, 2300d, 2300dn, 2300dtn, 2300n repair
HP LASERJET 2410/2420 Printer repairrepairs
HP LASERJET 2420, 2420d, 2420dn, 2420n printer repair

HP LASERJET 2430, 2430dtn, 2430n, 2430t, 2430tn repair
HP LASERJET 4000, HP 4000n, 4000t, 4000tn, 4000se repair
HP LASERJET 4100, 4100n, 4100tn, 4100dtn repair

HP LASERJET 4200, 4200n, 4200dtn, 4200dtnsL repair
HP LASERJET 4240,4250, 4250n, 4250tn, 4250dtn repair
HP LASERJET 4250, 4250n, 4250tn, 4250dtn repair

HP LASERJET 4300, 4300n, 4300tn, 4300dtn repairs
HP LASERJET 4350n, 4350tn, 4350dtn repair/repairs
HP LaserJet 5000, 5000n, 5000dn, 5000gn repair/repairs

HP LaserJet 5100, 5100tn, 5100dtn printer repair
HP LaserJet 5200, 5200tn, 5200dtn printer repair
HEWLETT PACKARD Laser Jet 8000, HP 8000, 8000dn repair

HP LASERJET 8100, 8100n, 8100dn printer repair
HP LASERJET 8150, 8150n, 8150dn, 8150hn printer repair
HP LASERJET 9000, 9000n, 9000dn, 9000hns printer repair

HP LASERJET 9040, 9040n, 9040dn PRINTER REPAIR HEWLETT PACKARD LASERJET 9050, 9050n PRINTER REPAIR HP LASERJET 4050, 4050t, 4050tn printer repair
HP LASERJET P3005, P3005n printer repair service
Onsite HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515 printer repair
HP LaserJet 4014, 4015, 4515 Printer Repairs

HP COLOR LASERJET 3000n, 3000dn printer repair
HP COLOR LASERJET 3600dn, 3600n printer repair
HP COLOR LASERJET 3800dn, 3800dtn, 3800n Repair

HP COLOR LASER-JET 3500, 3500n printer repair HP COLOR LASER JET 3700dn, 3700dtn, 3700n printer repair
HP COLOR LASERJET 4500, 4500n, 4500n printer repair

HP COLOR LASERJET 4550, 4550dn, 4550hdn, 4550n printer repair
HP COLOR LASERJET4600, 4600dn, 4600dtn, 4600hdn printer repair
HP COLOR LASERJET 4650, 4650dn, 4650dtn, 4650hdn printer repair

HPCLJ 4700dn, 4700dtn, 4700n, 4700ph printer repair HP COLOR LASERJET 5500, 5500dn, 5500dtn, printer repair
HP COLOR LASERJET 5550dn, 5550dtn, 5550n printer repair


HP Color Laser Jet MFP Repair and HP LaserJet MultiFunction Printer Repairs Fresno, CA HP LASERJET 4100 multi-function printer Repair
HP LASERJET 8150mfp printer repair service
HP LASERJET 8000MFP Printerr Repair

HP LASERJET 9040mfp, multifunction printer repair HEWLETT PACKARD LASERJET 9040, HP 9050mfp printer repair
HP LASERJET 4345mfpR repairing/Printer Repair

HP COLOR LASERJET 4730mfp repair/repairs
HP COLOR LASERJET 9500mfp Repairs/ Printer Repair
HP COLOR LASERJET 9550mfp, Multi-function Printer Repair

HP LASER-JET 3320 Printer Repairing

HP LASERJET FAX 3330 All-in-one repair

HP LASER JET 3390 All-in-one Fax Printer Copier Repair
HP LASER-JET FAX 3030 All-in-one repair

Design Jet 1050C C6074A, C6074AR
Design Jet 2000CP C4703A, C4703AR
Design Jet 2500CP C4704A, C4704AR
Design Jet 2800CP C6085A, C6085AR
Design Jet 3000CP C4723A, C4723AR
Design Jet 3500CP C4724A, C4724AR
Design Jet 3800CP C6084A, C6084AR
Design Jet Z6100 Q6651A, Q6651AR, Q6652A, Q6652AR, Q6653A, Q6653AR, Q6654A, Q6654AR
Design Jet 815 MFP Q1279A, Q1279AR
Design Jet 1050C Plus C6074B, C6074BR
Design Jet 1055 CM C6075A, C6075AR
Design Jet 1055CM Plus C6075B, C6075BR
Design Jet 430 (D-Size) C4713A, C4713AR
Design Jet 430 (E-Size) C4714A, C4714AR
Design Jet 450C (D-size) C4715A, C4715AR, C6086A
Design Jet 450C (E-size) C4716A, C4716AR
Design Jet 455CA (D-size) C6080A, C6080AR
Design Jet 455CA (E-size) C6081A, C6081AR
Design Jet 488CA Series C6082A, C6082AR, C6083A, C6083AR
Design Jet 5500 (42-inch) Q1251A, Q1251AR, Q1251V, Q1251VR, Q1252A, Q1252AR, Q1252V
Design Jet 5500 (60-inch) Q1253A, Q1253AR, Q1253V, Q1253VR, Q1254A, Q1254AR, Q1254V
Design Jet 700 (24-inch) C4705B
Design Jet 700 (36-inch) C4706B, C4706BR
Design Jet 700 (D-size) C4705A
Design Jet 700 (E-size) C4706A
Design Jet 750C (D-size) C3195A
Design Jet Copier CC800PS Q1262A
Design Jet Scanner 4200 Q1280A, Q1280AR
Design Jet Z2100 series Q6675A, Q6675AR, Q6675B, Q6675BR, Q6677A, Q6677AR
Design jet 4000 Series Q1273A, Q1273AR, Q1274A, Q1274AR
Design jet 4500/4500 Scanner Q1271A, Q1271AR, Q1272A, Q1272AR, Q1276A, Q1276AR, Q1277A, Q1277AR
Design jet 820 MFP Q6685A, Q6685AR
Design jet Z3100 series Q5669A, Q5669AR, Q5669B, Q5669BR, Q5670A, Q5670AR, Q6659A, Q6659AR, Q6660A, Q6660AR
Design Jet 110 spindle accessory Q1264A, Q1264AR
Design Jet 5000 Series (42-inch) C6090A, C6090AR, C6090V, C6091A, C6091AR, C6091V
Design Jet 5000 Series (60-inch) C6095A, C6095AR, C6095V, C6096A, C6096AR, C6096V
Design Jet 750C Plus (24-inch) C4708B, C4708BR
Design Jet 750C Plus (36-inch) C4709B, C4709BR
Design Jet 750C Plus (D-size) C4708A
Design Jet 750C Plus (E-size) C3196A, C4709A
Design Jet 755CM Series (E-size) C3198A, C3198B, C3198BR
Design Jet 8000 S series Q6670A, Q6670AR, Q6671A, Q6686A, Q6686AR
Design Jet T1100/T160 printer series Q6683A, Q6683AR, Q6684A, Q6684AR, Q6687A, Q6687AR, Q6688A, Q6688AR, Q6711A, Q6711AR, Q6712A, Q6712AR
HP Design jet 9000s Printer Q6665A, Q6665AR, Q6666A
HP Design jet 500/800 printer series C7769B, C7769BR, C7769C, C7769CR, C7769E, C7769F, C7769FR, C7769G, C7769GR, C7770B, C7770BR, C7770C, C7770CR, C7770E, C7770F, C7770FR, C7770G, C7770GR, C7779B, C7779BR, C7779C, C7779CR, C7780B, C7780BR, C7780C, C7780CR
HP Design jet T1100 MFP series Q6713A, Q6713AR


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93888 Fresno CA Fresno 559 ZIP CODE CITY STATE COUNTY AREA CODE 93601 Ahwahnee CA Madera 559 93201 Alpaugh CA Tulare 559 93202 Armona CA Kings 559 93602 Auberry CA Fresno 559 93204 Avenal CA Kings 559 93603 Badger CA Tulare 559 93604 Bass Lake CA Madera 559 93605 Big Creek CA Fresno 559 93606 Biola CA Fresno 559 93607 Burrel CA Fresno 559 93208 Camp Nelson CA Tulare 559 93608 Cantua Creek CA Fresno 559 93609 Caruthers CA Fresno 559 93610 Chowchilla CA Madera 559 93611 Clovis CA Fresno 559 93210 Coalinga CA Fresno 559 93614 Coarsegold CA Madera 559 93212 Corcoran CA Kings 559 93615 Cutler CA Tulare 559 93616 Del Rey CA Fresno 559 93618 Dinuba CA Tulare 559 93218 Ducor CA Tulare 559 93621 Dunlap CA Fresno 559 93221 Exeter CA Tulare 559 93223 Farmersville CA Tulare 559 93622 Firebaugh CA Fresno 559 93624 Five Points CA Fresno 559 93625 Fowler CA Fresno 559 93650 Fresno CA Fresno 559 93626 Friant CA Fresno 559 93227 Goshen CA Tulare 559 93230 Hanford CA Kings 559 93627 Helm CA Fresno 559 93628 Hume CA Fresno 559 93234 Huron CA Fresno 559 93235 Ivanhoe CA Tulare 559 93237 Kaweah CA Tulare 559 93630 Kerman CA Fresno 559 93239 Kettleman City CA Kings 559 93633 Kings Canyon National Pk CA Tulare 559 93631 Kingsburg CA Fresno 559 93634 Lakeshore CA Fresno 559 93242 Laton CA Fresno 559 93244 Lemon Cove CA Tulare 559 93245 Lemoore CA Kings 559 93247 Lindsay CA Tulare 559 93636 Madera CA Madera 559 93640 Mendota CA Fresno 559 93641 Miramonte CA Fresno 559 93642 Mono Hot Springs CA Fresno 559 93643 North Fork CA Madera 559 93645 O Neals CA Madera 559 93644 Oakhurst CA Madera 559 93646 Orange Cove CA Fresno 559 93647 Orosi CA Tulare 559 93648 Parlier CA Fresno 559 93649 Piedra CA Fresno 559 93256 Pixley CA Tulare 559 93257 Porterville CA Tulare 559 93651 Prather CA Fresno 559 93652 Raisin City CA Fresno 559 93653 Raymond CA Madera 559 93654 Reedley CA Fresno 559 93656 Riverdale CA Fresno 559 93660 San Joaquin CA Fresno 559 93657 Sanger CA Fresno 559 93662 Selma CA Fresno 559 93262 Sequoia National Park CA Tulare 559 93664 Shaver Lake CA Fresno 559 93265 Springville CA Tulare 559 93675 Squaw Valley CA Fresno 559 93266 Stratford CA Kings 559 93267 Strathmore CA Tulare 559 93666 Sultana CA Tulare 559 93270 Terra Bella CA Tulare 559 93271 Three Rivers CA Tulare 559 93272 Tipton CA Tulare 559 93667 Tollhouse CA Fresno 559 93668 Tranquillity CA Fresno 559 93673 Traver CA Tulare 559 93274 Tulare CA Tulare 559 93277 Visalia CA Tulare 559 93282 Waukena CA Tulare 559 93669 Wishon CA Madera 559 93286 Woodlake CA Tulare 559 93670 Yettem CA Tulare 559 Our HP Certified Plotter technicians carry carriage belts for HP Design Jet 500 Repair 24-inch C7769B, C7769BR. DJ 500PS plotter repair C7769C, C7769CR, C7770C, C7770CR and HP Design-Jet 500 42-inch plotter model C7770B and C7770BR. We stock carriage belts for HP Design Jet 800 plotter 42-inch models C7780B, C7780BR, C7780C and C7780CR. We service HP Design Jet 800PS repair on 24 inch plotter model # C7779C, C7779CR, C7779B and C7779BR or replacement electronics module and other contaminated parts (worst case scenario). 9. Service Station acts as a Spittoon area (it cleans off the print heads and acts as a cap to prevent the print heads from drying out). After a while the spittoons become contaminated and ink will begin to overflow, often dripping down the right hand side of the machine onto the floor/carpet . These stains are difficult to remove. HP Design Jet Plotter Models HP Design Jet Plotter Model Number HP DesignJet 1050C Plotter Repair C6074A | C6074AR HP DesignJet 1050C Plus Repair C6074B | C6074BR DesignJet 1055 CM Repair C6075A | C6075AR HP DesignJet 1055CM Plus Repair C6075B | C6075BR HP DesignJet 430 Repair (D-Size) C4713A | C4713AR HP DesignJet 430 Repair (E-Size) C4714A | C4714AR HP DesignJet 450C Repair (D-size) C4715A | C4715AR | C6086A HP DesignJet 450C Repair (E-size) C4716A | C4716AR DesignJet 455CA Repair (D-size C6080A | C6080AR DesignJet 455CA Repair (E-size) C6081A | C6081AR HP DesignJet 500 Repair (24-inch) C7769B | C7769BR HP DesignJet 500 Repair (42-inch) C7770B | C7770BR HP DesignJet 5000 Repair (42-inch) C6090A/AR/V | C6091A/AR/V HP Design Jet 5000 Repair (60-inch) C6095A/AR/V | C6096A/AR/V HP DesignJet 500PS Repair C7769C/CR | C7770C/CR HP Design Jet 5500 Repair (42-inch) Q1251A/AR/V | Q1252A/AR/V HP DesignJet 5500 Repair (60-inch) Q1253A/AR/V | Q1254A/AR/V HP Design Jet 700 Repair (24-inch) C4705B HP DesignJet 700 Repair (36-inch) C4706B | C4706BR HP Design Jet 700 Repair (D-size) C4705A HP DesignJet 700 Repair (E-size) C4706A HP DesignJet 750C Repair (D-size) C3195A HP DJ 750C Plus Repair (24-inch) C4708B | C4708BR HP DJ 750C Plus Repair (36-inch) C4709B | C4709BR HP DJ 750C Repair Plus (D-size)* C4708A HP DJ 750C Repair Plus (E-size)* C3196A | C4709A DesignJet 755CM Repair (E-size)* C3198A | C3198B | C3198BR HP DesignJet 800 Repair (24-inch) C7779B | C7779BR HP DesignJet 800 Repair (42-inch) C7780B/BR | C7780C/CR HP DesignJet 800PS Repair (24-inch) C7779C | C7779CR HP DesignJet 4000 Repair (42-inch) Q1273A HP DesignJet 4500 Repair (42-inch) Q1271A HP DesignJet T610 Repair (24-inch) Q6711A HP DesignJet T610 Repair (44-inch) Q6712A HP DesignJet T620 Repair (24-inch) CK835A HP DesignJet T1100 Repair (44-inch) Q6687A HP DesignJet T1120 Repair (44-inch) CK839A HP DesignJet T770 Repair (44-inch) CH539A HP DesignJet T1200 Repair (24-inch) CQ653A HP DesignJet Z2100 Repair (24-inch) (44-inch) Q6675A – Q6677A HP DesignJet Z3100 Repair (24-inch) Q5669A HP DesignJet Z3100 Repair (44-inch) Q6659A HP DesignJet Z3200 Repair (24-inch) Q6718A HP DesignJet Z3200 (44-inch) Q6718A HP DesignJet Z6100 Repair (24-inch) Q6675A HP DesignJet Z6100 Repair (44-inch) Q6652C HP DESIGNJET SYSTEM ERRORS system error 01:10 A problem with the Electronics module has occurred. System error 01:11 The electronics module has detected a connection problem with the cooling fan. System error 01:12 The EEROM is not configured correctly. System error 01:13 A problem with the Electronics module has occurred. System error 02:10 A problem has occurred with the carriage assembly System error 02:13 A problem has occurred with the carriage assembly. System error 03:10 A problem has occurred with the printers power supply. System error 04:11 Jet direct network card not detected. System error 05:09 (DJ 500 only) Formatter installed instead of HP-GL/2 accessory card. System error 05:10 (DJ 800 only) Formatter card failure, or Formatter card not detected System error 05:10 (DJ 500 only) HP-GL/2 accessory card failure System error 06:03 (DJ 800 only) Hard disk error System error 08:11 The front panel cannot be detected. System error 11:11 The trailing cable is poorly connected System error 11:13 Problem with setting the voltage of the printheads System error 12:11 A short has been detected in the carriage assembly. System Error 17:11 (DJ 500 only) A problem has been detected while initializing. System error 21:10 A problem has been detected with the Service Station assembly. System error 21:11 A problem has been detected with the Service Station assembly. System error 22:10 A problem has been detected with the Ink Supply Station. System error 41:10 A problem has been detected with the Paper-Axis motor System error 41:13 An error in the paper-axis motor encoder quadrature has occurred. System error 42:10 A problem has occurred with the Scan-Axis motor. System error 43:10 A problem has occurred with the Vacuum fan. System error 43:11 The Vacuum fan is not detected. System error 55:11 A problem with the line sensor has occurred. System error 56:10 Drive roller encoder sensor error. System error 56:13 An error in the drive roller encoder sensor quadrature has occurred. System error 61:04 Firmware error. System error 61:05 The printer was not able to process a job that was sent. System error 62:03 Parallel port communication problem System error 63:03 LAN card communication problem. System error 64:03 USB port communication problem. System error 64:04 Firmware error (USB port). System error 65:03 Generic input/output port communication problem. System error 71:04 Problem allocating memory. System error 71:06 Out of memory problem. System error 72:04 Problem in the scan-axis (firmware error). System error 73:04 Server error. System error 79:04 Miscellaneous firmware error. System error 81:01 Paper-axis shutdown. System error 81:11 Paper-axis shutdown (during the paper advance test). System error 85:10 Paper-axis shutdown (during the paper advance test). System error 86:01 Carriage-Axis shutdown. System error 86:11 Carriage-axis shutdown (during the carriage movement test). System error 86:13 Carriage-Axis shutdown (firmware error). System error 87:13 Unable to read the carriage encoder sensor. System error 93:10 Ink System startup failed. HP Designjet 500, 510 and 800 Series Printers - Cleaning the Printhead and Carriage Contacts The printheads and/or printhead carriage contacts may gather foreign material that can cause continuity problems. This document provides instructions on how to properly clean the printhead and printhead carriage electrical contacts. Turn the printer off, then on. Allow printer to complete initialization. Using the Down Arrow key, scroll to the Ink menu (ink drop icon) and press Enter . Scroll to Replace Printheads and press Enter . Open the top cover. Open the carriage cover and remove all printheads. Unplug the power cable from the printer. Clean the electrical contacts on the carriage and the printheads using a lint-free cloth (such as a coffee filter), lightly dampened with water. CAUTION: Do not clean the printhead nozzle plate. Doing so may cause permanent damage to the printhead. When the contacts are dry, reinstall the printheads and close the carriage cover. Close the top cover. Plug in the power cable, turn the printer on and attempt to verify functionality. HP Designjet 5000 and 5500 Series Printers - Switch Power off, Check Printhead Path The printhead carriage cannot move, or has difficulty moving freely. Common causes are obstructions in the carriage path, excess friction along the carriage path, worn or damaged Y-axis parts, and improperly installed ink supply tubes. Switch Power Off, Check Printhead Path (SPOCPHP) messages may appear with or without the numbers 1, 2, or 3 following it (troubleshoot all the same way). Check Printhead Path 1, 2, or 3 details: SPOCPHP (1) - Friction or excess speed shutdown SPOCPHP (2) - Safety shutdown (carriage path is blocked) SPOCPHP (3) - Friction slowdown of carriage The steps below are designed to achieve remote resolution of the issue. If the troubleshooting steps below appear to resolve the issue, attempt to verify printer functionality by printing several internal prints. If the issue persists following the steps below, generate a CSO for service. The belt for the 5500 series printers have an issue with premature wear, which can lead to frequent check printhead path (1) error messages before the belt breaks. The premature belt wear is generally visible to the customer, and in most cases can be determined over the phone. HP Designjet Plotter T Series/Z Series Printers - System Error Code 47:01 The System Error Code 47:01 on the HP DesignjetT610/T620/T1100/T1120/T1200/T770/T2300/T790/T1300 and Z2100/Z3100/Z3200/Z5200 Printer Series. System Error Code 47:01 (or in some cases 47:10 or 47:03 ) indicates that a failure or problem with the starwheel Motor has been detected CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-836-9287 Printer Repair Parts HP Designjet T7100 Printer HP Designjet Z6600 60-in Production Printer HP Designjet Z6800 60-in Photo Production Printer HP Designjet HD Scanner HP Designjet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner HP Designjet T2500 36-in PostScript eMultifunction Printer HP Designjet T2500 36-in eMultifunction Printer HP Designjet T3500 36-in Production eMFP HP Designjet T120 HP Designjet T520 HP Designjet T790 HP Designjet T795 HP Designjet T920 HP Designjet T1200 HP Designjet T1300 HP Designjet T1500 HP Designjet T2500 HP Designjet T3500 HP Designjet HD Scanner HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner HP Designjet Z6200HP Designjet Z6600HP Designjet Z6800HP Designjet T3500HP Designjet T7100HP Designjet T7200HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555h MFP HP LaserJet Pro M1536dnf Multifunction Printer HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 color MFP M775z HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 color MFP M775f HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 color MFP M775dn HP LaserJet Pro 500 color MFP M570dn HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M525c HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 MFP M525f HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 MFP M525dn HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn HP Designjet HD Scanner HP Designjet T790 24-in PostScript ePrinter HP Designjet T920 36-in ePrinter HP Designjet T1200 HD Multifunction Printer HP Designjet Z2100 24-in Photo Printer HP Designjet Z3200 24-in PostScript Photo Printer HP Designjet Z3200 44-in PostScript Photo Printer HP Designjet Z5200 44-in Photo Printer HP Designjet Z5400 44-in PostScript ePrinter HP Designjet Z6200 42-in Photo Printer HP Designjet 330/350 series printer • HP Designjet 430/450/455/488 series printer • HP Designjet 500/500ps/510 series printer • HP Designjet 600/610/650c series printer • HP Designjet T610/T620 series printer • HP Designjet 700/750/755 series printer • HP Designjet T770 series printer • HP Designjet T790 series printer • HP Designjet 800/800ps series printer • HP Designjet 815MFP/820MFP series printer • HP Designjet 1050/1055 series printer • HP Designjet T1100/T1100ps/T1120/T1120ps series printer • HP Designjet T1100MFP/T1120MFP series printer • HP Designjet T1200 series printer • HP Designjet T1300 series printer • HP Designjet T2300 series printer • HP Designjet 4000/4000ps/4500/4500ps series printer • HP Designjet 4020/4520 series printer • HP Designjet 4520MFP series printer • HP Designjet 2000cp/2500cp/2800cp series printer • HP Designjet Z2100 series printer • HP Designjet 3000cp/3500cp/3800cp series printer • HP Designjet Z3100/Z3100ps series printer • HP Designjet Z3200 series printer • HP Designjet 5000/5000ps/5500/5500ps series printer • HP Designjet Z6100/Z6100ps Photo series printer

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